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Carolyn and children walking along road in Lemong'o

The Lemong’o Project began with my life-long draw to Africa and my dream of helping the children there. In the summer of 2005 I visited for the first time to volunteer with a service group. Each year thereafter I returned to volunteer, and in 2007 my journey led me to the village of Lemong’o in rural Kenya. It is there that a powerful story about the spirit of giving began to unfold.

The giving began with the Maasai people of Lemong’o and their gifts to me—one of the first white people to ever visit their village. They warmly welcomed me into their homes, and their generosity and genuine friendship overwhelmed me. I was treated like a member of their families. Soon I knew that a piece of my heart would reside there.

Ravaged by years of drought and the weight of grinding poverty, the village’s needs are profound. I committed to help my African family, visiting for 4-6 weeks each summer to assist in whatever ways I could.

In 2009, I asked village leaders, together with community members, to prioritize their needs. Through this process, they identified nutrition, education, health and employment as their most important goals. Together with Emma, my fellow volunteer, we pooled our resources and funded a number of village projects in these areas.

I have returned each summer since and continued our work with the people of Lemong'o. My heart is filled with hope as I see the positive changes in the village.

Expansion and Sustainability

The Lemong'o Project, obtained non-profit status in 2011 and has been expanding and moving toward sustainability ever since. The project consists of two boards comprised of volunteers:

The Manyatta Committee resides in the village of Lemong'o. The local residents who make up this committee oversee donations, projects, and goals for the village. Members include:

 Amadeus - Chair  Christine - Treasurer  Reuben - Secretary  Grace

Committee Chair



Board Member

 Leah  Leah C.  Mary R.  Mary

Board Member

Board Member
Leah C.

Board Member
Mary R.

Board Member

The Board of Directors do not live in Lemong'o, though some members visit the village and oversee the project on an annual basis. Members include:


Carolyn Tague
Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Carolyn has been a Special Education teacher for thirty years.  Her sense of adventure brought her to Alaska in 1991. The Lemong'o Project began with Carolyn's life-long draw to Africa and her dream of helping children there. In the summer of 2005 she visited for the first time to volunteer with a service group. Each year thereafter, she returned to volunteer, and in 2007 her journey led her to the village of Lemong'o. She formed the non-profit organization, The Lemong'o Project, in 2011 to address the educational, medical, health, and economic needs of the village. The beautiful people of Lemong'o have become her African family.

Center: Carolyn Tague
Vice President:

Emily Karr
Saudi Arabia

Emily was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.  Always in search of a little adventure, Emily drove to Alaska in her mid-twenties where she received her Master of Arts in Teaching at Alaska Pacific University.  She taught for 7 years in Anchorage, Alaska (where she met and worked with Carolyn) and is currently in her second year teaching kindergarten in Saudi Arabia.  Emily has a strong commitment to children and the underprivileged which led her to visit Lemong'o for the first time in 2012  She has since traveled to Lemong'o three more times and hopes to go back many more.

Right: Emily Karr

Bryan Stenehjem
Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Bryan is Carolyn’s husband and he strives to support her in any and all aspects of The Lemong'o Project. He sees the joy and fulfillment Carolyn receives from working with and giving to the people of Lemong'o. He knows that her life would be incomplete without this opportunity to help those that truly need assistance. Bryan’s involvement with the project has been through providing support from the States, but he does plan to visit the village soon.

Bryan Stenehjem

Mike Concannon
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, just 2 doors down from Carolyn, Mike has been a lifelong friend to The Lemong’o Project, only recently getting involved as an active board member. As Secretary of the Board,  Mike hopes to bring some of his 30-plus years in experience in the business world to this very important non-profit organization. Mike is especially interested in helping The Lemong’o Project with long term planning and  sustainability initiatives. In his day job, Mike is General Manager of The Americas for French-based software company KDS.

Mike Concannon
Mike Concannon

Doug Tague
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Doug is a lifelong horticulturalist, who serves as a Therapeutic Recreation Unit Leader, caring for nursing home residents. He became involved with The Lemong’o Project in 2012 after hearing first-hand accounts of the villagers’ struggle to meet the most basic needs of food, clean water, health care, and education for their children. Our involvement is proving how regular folks, living thousands of miles away, can make a difference in the lives of needy children.


Member at Large:

Cheryl Johnson
Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Cheryl was introduced to The Lemong'o Project through her friend, Carolyn Tague. She has volunteered in various capacities for the project through the years and now serves on the board providing technology assistance.

Cheryl Johnson