Thank You From the Villagers of Lemong'o

The work of The Lemong'o Project continues through donations and time from volunteers. 

Residents of Lemong'o note the changes the project has made within the village in their letters linked to the buttons below:

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"...Madam, regardless of the famine that almost paralyzed everything such as causing human death, our people never went hungry. The feeding programs that you initiated and supported strongly by your..."
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"...your sincere offer of a daughter is four and a half my daughter will walk from your offer..."
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"...Many thanks from the whole community of the Lemong'o. Many people have been benefited with these glasses which have been offer to them during the dispensary day..."
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"...Thank you very much for the solar lamps we received through Carolyn Tague. We believe that the lights are going to make our lives better as we shall be able to study at night..."
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 "...thank you for providing us with jersey...For a long time we had been play without jersey of which other club laugh to us because we are not matching like real player but for now we are true player."
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"...The solar lights would be used by class eight to be studying as they prepare for their final National Examinations in November this year..."
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 "...I therefore feel compelled to write this small note for the purpose of appreciating you and your friends who are sacrificing in order to provide something for our community..."